Sugar, Sugar, you really make me happy!

/ Monday, 20 May 2013 /
So recently a good-intentioned pushy friend decided to scare the crap out of me and showed me this video:

It quite cleverly depicts a family of polar bears drinking sugar drinks, clearly a stab at Coca Cola, and the effects of drinking fizzy and sugary drinks. Obviously I used to be much healthier than now, and have got back into the habit of drinking sugary drinks.

I've got back into a lot of bad habits, but it's now too much. I don't feel well, I feel groggy and gross on the inside, and this sweet little animation just confirms all my fears.

I'm supposed to be a functioning adult now, I can't continue to be oblivious to the long term effect of my diet on my body.

So starting tomorrow, we're getting back on track. I hope you will join me cyber world/ the three people who ever read this.

Spinning Round and Round

/ Monday, 8 April 2013 /
To whoever may read this,

Sometimes we forget we're on a little planet. Which is spinning round and round [ahhh-the-title-was-used-in-the-blog-moment]. Really though. Came across this here interactive version of the solar system the other day.

They are all the crazy little stars which make up space. And we are all on one of these planets. And then we are on one continent, in one country, in one town, in one house which we share with four people. And we literally just keep spinning around.

Point of all this is that sometimes we get too bogged down in really superficial things. Do you think that any of it matters? Maybe it does. If you are religious which I'm still trying to work out myself, then you would argue that yes it does matter. But if you're going to end up in a hole in the ground, will it matter that you're not a size zero? Not really.

So in light of all this, I've decided that my new goal and aim is to be healthy. I'm incredibly stressed at the moment and it's effecting my stomach. Not good. So my theory is not to get fit to have a bikini bod but to be healthy, and to have a little happy body/system that will keep me on this planet for a few extra spins.

In other news, and with respect of my title, I went to a spinning class the other day. I felt violently ill after it. Clearly not at that level yet.

B.L.T and the Blues

/ Tuesday, 12 March 2013 /
So yes,  I haven't been the best. Dedicated blogging is not the easiest. Nope. No it isn't. But I'm here and trying.

So the past few Tuesdays I've been taking gym class called BLT [bum, legs and tummy] which exercises the aforementioned "trouble areas". It's hard, it's strenuous, it's different every week and I love it.

However, this post isn't really about the above class. It's good, go to something similar if you want. What do I know?

This post is about this darn recession. How original, I know. But whilst chatting with a friend, I mentioned that I was going to start watching The Wire and he returned with "that takes a lot of commitment" to which I replied "I've nothing else to commit to."

Not a nice realisation about your life. Whilst listening to Ben Howard's Promise. So now I'm bluesy.

The thing is I have so much potential which is just drowning in a lethargic, sped up version of how my life should be. I'm at my peak physically and mentally, and I'm left to hang around my house in sweatpants. And it's not just me, so many graduates feel the same. Do I want to settle and get a job wherever I can? Do I want to save what little money I have and move to London? I don't even know what the point of it all is anymore.

I'm not a bad person, but caught in an incredibly ugly catch-22 situation. Which I don't know how to fix.

Except to get up tomorrow morning. Go to BLT class. Put money in my savings. Send my c.v. out another countless and futile amount of times. And hope that it'll be ok.

Or that I could, without worrying follow this guy....

Making a Splash of a Return!

/ Monday, 18 February 2013 /
Yes. I've been away. I've been busy, and living a rather unhealthy [but fun and happy life] but it's got to the stage where it just wasn't acceptable. Being unemployed will do that to you. Especially with it being Award season in the old film stakes. It's just too easy to sit around and eat.

But no more.

I, Clare Hynes, for the second time in my life have decided to eat and look after myself. One body, one chance yada yada.

So today, I started as I mean to continue, by exercising, eating fruit and drinking water. [then we'll move onto Paleo] [ahem].

Aqua aerobics this morning, which was hilarious. I felt like laughing cause in fairness you're just jumping about in a pool, and waving your arms and hoping for some miraculous fitness buzz. But it never really comes. Though my legs did feel particularly jelly-like on attempting the stairs afterwards.

Here is the evidence of my class.

Rule 1: Always wear proper training gear when attempting a new class. Shows your serious. So I got quite a few stares in this I can tell you.

How to start eating eggs...

/ Thursday, 7 June 2012 /

Ok so the egg. The egg is great for lots of things like hair and nails, contains vitamin D and protein, and according to one source, eyesight which is nice, keeps you full for longer and is low in fat. So why aren't we all eating eggs for breakfast?

How do you start eating something you've never had before? Obviously it's scary and new, and the texture of eggs, smell etc is all something that will take getting used to. I eat pancakes and french toast but I think I may try a boiled egg or a fried egg or something? Any suggestions? Recipes and the like?

Surely, the eggy taste from pancakes and french toast is just similar right? Perhaps slightly intensified? Maybe?

I've using YOLO as a life metaphor at the moment. And it's great but I seem to just be spending more money and eating more unhealthy foods because you know YOLO. May as well enjoy it. Then I kinda copped that well, with the way I'm going my life will be a lot shorter than if I looked after the body and not abuse it.

So YOLO, I'm going to try to eat an egg. Fried I think. I will report back with my success story. Hopefully.

When you can't open your own bottle of water.

/ Tuesday, 29 May 2012 /
There comes a time in everyones life. No, let me rephrase. There comes a time in some peoples life when you are asked by a stranger to open a bottle of water for them. Like say at an airport, when they're travelling solo and they're only young. Or they're old. Or they're Clare.

Yes. I, Clare, have had serious difficulties opening my own bottles. Now I'm not talking like beer bottles, I'm talking your regular screw-top plastic bottles.

Exhibit A: The Unopenable bottle.

And it really becomes a bit of an embarrassing issue, when you're say 22. 

Thus, I do push ups. Yes push ups. I found this website/plan which is convinced that if you follow it for six weeks you can do 100 consecutive push ups, [I'll see that when I believe it] and if I can manage to do 100 I will film it and post it here.

That is how confident I am that it won't work, however, if I can open a plastic bottle I will be quite happy with my achievement.

This is the link for the website, have a look, try it, let me know what you think!


/ Friday, 25 May 2012 /
So as you can guess from my very original post title, I had sushi last week.

And it was wonderful.

I went with friends to the new Yamamori in Dublin where we tried a few norimaki rolls and sampled a few main courses. For people who know sushi, you will know that norimaki is the beginner sushi, if you didn't know this then I recommend trying this first. Most of the fish in norimaki is cooked, and is wrapped in rice and seaweed so it takes away from the rather shocking [more advanced] bit of raw fish on a plate that regular sushi is. We're not quite there yet but still, I ate sushi.

Salmon and cream cheese Norimaki [highly recommended]

For mains I had Japanese fried chicken with teriyaki and it was absolutely delicious. By other accounts, the tofu and seabass was also excellent.

Sushi is of course incredibly good for you but only if you do it right. Obviously the cream cheese [above] and our spicy mayonaise and crayfish norimaki was not the definition of healthy but we still got the wonderful omega 3 goodness from the fish. Otherwise for healthy option go with the more traditional/advanced/proper sushi or sashimi.

We also tried sake. Oh yeah it looks all innocent in it's little white bottle but this stuff is lethal. It's like sambuca but warm? And apparently it's from fermented rice which is just a bit odd in my mind. You can get different types of sake we just went with the house sake because the menu was slightly confusing and while it wasn't the most enjoyable experience it definitely was worth trying and we did get used to it towards the end.

In all I really enjoyed my sushi experience and would definitely head there again!

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